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Top 3 Reasons Short Sales Fail

Short sales are complicated. With all the variables that need to be juggled, it’s easy to make mistakes that end up derailing a transaction. Here are the most common reasons that short sales fail. 1) Failure to understand and justify market value. Setting a price for a short sale is the delicate art of balancing […]

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SHORT SALE CASE STUDY:Marketing High-End Short Sales

Sold: October 8, 2011 Location: Lake Sammamish, WA Sale price: $1.7 million Referred by broker to Washington Property Solutions Broker referral fee: $9,562 The challenge: The homeowner had to move for work, and was underwater on the home with significant balances on two mortgages. Because of the price point of the house and the current […]

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5 Tips for Marketing A Short Sale

1) If it’s only one lien, say so. Buyers, and their brokers, can be reluctant to consider purchasing a short sale property because the transaction can be more complicated and time-consuming than a conventional sale. A short sale involving just one mortgage has a much higher chance of closing, and closing more quickly, when compared […]

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Learn the 5 Things Not To Say in a Hardship Letter

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