Short Sales Myth vs. Reality: Closing Time

Myth: Short sales take 3-6 months to close.
Reality: In the hundreds of short sales we’ve closed, the time from mutual acceptance to Lender Consent has averaged 60 days. If someone is inexperienced with short sales, that process can take considerably longer. Short sales require significantly more paperwork than a traditional sale, and if you don’t have a system for collecting and submitting that paperwork to the lender according to their individual requirements, things can really bog down.

Many large lenders use a platform called Equator for all aspects of the short sales process, from submitting paperwork to ongoing communication. For those not familiar with Equator, getting up to speed on the software will also prolong the sales process. The brokers we work with prefer to spend their time building their core business, and leave the short sale negotiating work to short sale specialists with a dedicated staff that handles all the details. We pay a 30% referral fee.

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