Myths About Short Sales

Myth #1 Short sales are low-end properties.

There are short sales at every price point. Among our current listings are a $2.25 million home in Bellevue and two $1 million properties in Issaquah. Nearly 20 percent of all short sale properties sold in King County in 2010 sold for $500,000 or more. Short sales are projected to represent a significant portion of available inventory in 2012 and moving forward, and will be an important source of income for brokers as the real estate market works its way towards recovery.

Myth #2 You can buy short sales at huge discounts.

Short sale homes do sell for less, but not significantly less than market value. The selling price for short sales is usually 5% to 10% less than for non-distressed properties. The lender is looking to recover as much of the value of the home as possible, so they will not accept offers that are significantly under market value. So why do buyers purchase a short sale? In our experience, it’s the same reason anyone buys a home- they like it. That 10% discount provides an added incentive, allowing buyers to get more house for their money.

If you are working with a buyer or seller on a short sale and have any questions, I’d be happy to provide you with advice free of charge. I’m a Windermere real estate broker and a partner in Washington Property Solutions, a short sale solution provider.  Our goal is to help brokers like you provide the best possible service to their clients in the short sale process. We pay a 30% referral fee.

If I can be of any help, please give me a call at (206)612-5541 or email me at

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