Foreclosure Home Buyer Agent Commissions

While it’s very rare that Washington Property Solutions loses a strong short sale offer to a foreclosure sale, occasionally, despite every effort made to convince the lender that a short sale is the best course of action, the lender may insist on taking the property through foreclosure. Sometimes, however, not all is lost – at least from the perspective of the foreclosure home buyer. Moreover, as their real estate broker, you might still see some of the commissions you thought were lost.

Washington Property Solutions works in conjunction with Vestus Foreclosure Investing Group in this situation, who can purchase the property at the trustee sale on the buyer’s behalf with financing provided by Vestus. Of course, the details and terms between the buyer and Vestus will need to be worked out before the trustee sale. Home buyers routinely get the properties they’ve been waiting for through this process, and the foreclosure home buyer agent can still realize some of their commissions.

If you’re involved in a short sale which, for one reason or another, looks like it’s heading to foreclosure, contact Washington Property Solutions at (425) 381-2233. The deal may just be salvageable.

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