Need to Sell Your Home?
Understanding the Short Sale Process in Washington State

Do I need a short sale?

If you need to sell your property, but your property’s value has dropped to the point where selling it would not pay off the mortgage(s), realtor commissions, and closing costs (a scenario commonly known as a “no equity” home), then you likely need a short sale. Lenders require a documented financial hardship before a short sale can be considered. A short sale is usually better than a foreclosure, and it can mitigate a financially challenging situation. Today, a short sale is a common method of selling a home. However, a short sale’s success or failure often turns on the expertise and experience of the company assisting through the short sale process.

How does this benefit me?

Our main goal is to get your no-equity home sold. Your ability to get a future home loan is substantially improved by selling by way of short sale instead of having your home foreclosed. Call Washington Property Solutions at 425-381-2233, or email us to schedule your no cost, confidential consultation. We offer exceptional service to homeowners involved in short sales. Here is what some of our clients have to say about their experience with us.

Why use Washington Property Solutions?

Washington Property Solutions is the Northwest’s leading short sale company. Since 2003, Washington Property Solutions has successfully helped over 1400 homeowners through the short sale process in Washington State. Our proven system, team of experienced facilitators, and relationships with lenders across the country are unmatched in the industry. View a full list of our short sale qualifications.

How long is the short sale process? When do I have to move?

Each situation is evaluated on a case-by-case basis and many factors go into how long the short sale process can take and when you would have to move. Simply, some banks take longer than others to make a decision. We will keep you informed each step of the way so that there are no surprises in this demanding process.

What if I have no equity in my home?

Not a problem. That’s all we do. We have built our business on working with banks and providing solutions to homes with no or even negative equity.

What if my house is currently listed?

In situations where your house is currently listed with a real estate agent, Washington Property Solutions can provide a no-cost consultation of your situation. We have built our business on working with banks and providing solutions to situations that real estate agents do not deal with on a daily basis. Please note, however, that if your home is currently listed with a real estate agent, this is not a solicitation by Washington Property Solutions to list your property.

I filed for bankruptcy, is a foreclosure worse?

A bankruptcy is damaging to your credit record, but a foreclosure will likely make it only more difficult to approach a bank for a conventional home loan for some time. Act now to have Washington Property Solutions develop a strategy to help you with your short sale.

If I am in bankruptcy, can I sell the house while I’m in bankruptcy or prior to the bankruptcy being discharged?

With your consent, we will work with the bankruptcy court, trustee, your attorney and your banks to enable you to sell your home while in bankruptcy.

Do you guarantee your results?

Washington Property Solutions has a proven track record, but cannot guarantee that we will solve every homeowner’s issue. We will evaluate your specific situation, quickly get back to you with a customized solution, but with many parties involved in the transaction, we cannot guarantee the outcome. What we can promise is that we work our hardest to represent your best interests.

Our Short Sale FAQs provides additional information about short sales.

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